Planning Management

  • Briefing

    We know how to obtain the most relevant information required for the development of the proposal.

  • Creation of a concept

    We design best strategies providing high creativity doses.

  • Proposal structure and design

    We build creative and structured proposals. What we write down is what we do.

  • Budget elaboration and control

    We find best prices with best suppliers. We adjust budget to project requirements.

  • Proposal presentation

    We convince our customers with truthful arguments and professional methodology.

Production Management

  • Follow up meetings

    We coordinate follow up meetings. We provide our clients with periodic reports on the status of the project.

  • Suppliers management

    Either we work with our large portfolio of excellent suppliers or we can adapt to the client ones.

  • Budgetary control

    We constantly work on achieving objectives set in budget.

  • Staging

    We think, plan and rehearse a careful staging to make the event a success.

  • Closure of project

    We make a joint assessment and we present a results report.

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