Oncopromesas vs Oncosaurios 2023

The project
Organization of the VIII Symposium Oncopromises vs Oncosaurs held on July 21, 22 and 23 at the Gran Hotel Sardinero in Santander.

A reference and consolidated event in our country as the only forum in which the vision of young promises in Oncology is combined with the experience of veteran specialists.

During three days, as usual, the most innovative or controversial aspects of cancer management were analyzed from the perspective of “oncopromises”, “oncosaurs” and “oncomatures” -those straddling one another.
Project for:
Fundación para el Progreso de la Oncología en Cantabria (FUPOCAN)
Tasks & responsibilities:

Global organization of the meeting, including technical secretariat for the management of national and international speakers

Special thanks to:

To Dr. Fernando Rivera for the trust he placed in us.