Baker Tilly EMEA M&A 2023

The project
Baker Tilly invited us to present an energizing proposal for the two-day meeting of the financial managers of the group’s different international offices. The premise was clear and direct: we want them to meet each other and have fun!

For the first day, we designed an adrenaline-charged experience that included exciting kart races, intense laser war battles, and a lively game of American bowling. The goal was to provide attendees with a unique and exciting experience that fostered companionship.

The second day, of a more relaxed nature, we proposed an innovative networking game. The participants, divided into groups and equipped with iPads, faced various challenges that included questions and tests of different types. This activity not only strengthened ties between colleagues, but also stimulated collaboration and teamwork.

In short, two unforgettable days, where Baker Tilly’s financial managers got to know each other better, strengthened ties and enjoyed a unique experience with their work colleagues.
Project for:
Baker Tilly
Tasks & responsibilities:

Proposal to energize both days by meeting objectives.
General project management, covering supplier control and financial supervision.
Onsite coordination during both days to ensure an smooth and well executed event.

Special thanks to:

To Baker Tilly for the trust placed in us and for their expressions of gratitude.