ECCBC Leadership Meeting 2022

The project

EQUATORIAL trusted us again to organize its Leadership Meeting, which took place in Madrid on June 7 and 8, 2022. This event represented a significant challenge, since for the first time it was carried out completely in streaming, covering both the registration process and the development itself.

Given this premise, a sophisticated content platform was devised that was operational during the 15 days prior to the event. In this virtual space, not only were guest records managed, but they were also given the opportunity to explore materials related to the event, participate in workshops and get involved in charitable actions in support of the sustainability of the planet.

During June 7 and 8, Equatorial delegations in various African countries simultaneously connected to the event, whose central operation was carried out in a studio in Madrid. Presentations, workshops, exchange of ideas, market visits, and online debates were the essence of two dynamic days, led by a well-known master of ceremonies, creating an experience reminiscent of the dynamics of a television program.

The response was extremely positive, with the active participation of all attendees and very favorable opinions after the conclusion of the event.
Project for:
Equatorial Coca Cola Bottling Company
Tasks & responsibilities:

Close coordination and effective communication with the Equatorial organizing team, aligning all aspects of the event with their expectations.
Direct and continuous dialogue with the client, prioritizing a deep understanding of their needs. l
Comprehensive organization and complete management of pre-production and production, ensuring smooth execution.
Rigorous budget control for optimal use of resources.
Onsite coordination with meticulous attention, guaranteeing an impeccable experience for participants.

Special thanks to:

To Equatorial for the continuous collaboration throughout these years of Leadership Meetings and for repeatedly trusting in our professionalism. We are delighted to have shared these years of working together and hope to continue strengthening this fruitful relationship in the future.