PORSCHE – Presentación nuevo Porsche 911

The project
On 23rd March 2019 we coordinated the presentation of the Porsche 911 new version at Liceu de Barcelona. An exclusive venue for a unique vehicle.
The event gathered 200 guests who, after the reveal, enjoyed a good dinner and following masquerade soirée at Saló dels Miralls.

This time, the challenge concerned to the reveal of the car, as it was the first time that anyone entered a car at the Liceu Hall. The process required greatest care of all members of the team. Finally, it all was perfect!
Project for:
Porsche Barcelona.
Tasks & responsibilities:

Management and development of the event and coordination on- site.

Special thanks to:

To Porsche Barcelona and to Gran Teatro del Liceo de Barcelona for his full support and professionality.