Grup Montaner Offsite 2022

The project

Grup Montaner asked us to energize their summer day for employees. The premise was clear: having an extraordinary time and strengthen the team spirit!

We decided to propose a unique experience: the human towers, known as Castellers, which represent the most spectacular and deep-rooted tradition of Catalan culture. Under the guidance of experienced Castellers, this team-building activity is an experience full of values, challenges and excitement.

After enjoying an exquisite meal in a renowned restaurant that offered privileged views of the port of Barcelona, we surprised the guests with a great fun karaoke experience. With the invaluable help of a professional Master of Ceremonies, each table embarked on the challenge of guessing the artist and title of the assigned song. Subsequently, the group had to come together on an improvised stage to perform it and defend it before their peers.

A day full of fun, away from the office, where they laughed, enjoyed and shared their time with colleagues.
Project for:
Grup Montaner
Tasks & responsibilities:

Proposal for teambuilding activities
Search for locations for activities and food
Supplier control
Budget control

Special thanks to:

To all the employees of Grup Montaner and its management, for trusting us. Their commitment and collaboration were essential for the success of the project.