Provalliance Seminar 2023

The project

Once again, we are entrusted with the organization of the annual meeting of franchisees and internal staff of the PROVALLIANCE group, scheduled for October 2023.

The chosen place is Malaga, so the search for spaces to host the seminar and the subsequent gala dinner begins.

The places finally selected were the Barceló Málaga Hotel and the Trocadero Casa de Botes restaurant, both located in privileged enclaves in the city of Málaga.

The aim: Having a fun time all together and enjoy the night. To enrich the experience of our guests, we designed a live Cuban music show and everyone danced to the sounds of Cuba and the music of the resident DJ from the Trocadero group.
Project for:
Tasks & responsibilities:

Search and proposal of locations in Malaga and surroundings.
Supplier management and budget control.
Proposal of shows for dinner.
Planning/development of the event and coordination of the same on site.

Special thanks to:

To Provalliance and its brands: Franck Provost, Llongueras, Jean Louis David, The Barber Company and Loida
This year, once again: Thank you!